Product Manaul 2.0

is a Database that contains the smartest takes on Product Management.

How did it all began

The Product manual 2.0 is a continuation of the Product Manual Project done by Arthur Allamand, Yang Li, and Lucas Steuperaert. I started this project one year ago, while I was reading the content included in the manual, I had the realization of the potential for creating a database where you can find all the data filtered, Summarized, and researchable. But, it was not a good enough reason until one day I went back to check something and I was surprised to learn that the article got taken down. This fear of missing out made me start this project.

Nonetheless, I have also noticed that the old manual was missing lots of the Articles, guides and it was time to update the content on it. And, that’s how I have begun the journey of Product Manual 2.0. In the end, I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed building it.

Notion Data Base

The product manual 2.0 was designed and built on Notion, Since notion has all the cool features such as building Pages within Pages and linking them with each other and more. within this file, you can Search, Filter and Duplicate the database. feel free to explore.

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About Me

My Name is Mohammad Khalaf, Currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. A Product Manager with an experience driven approach and an interest in Finance and DEFI. In an Age of Uncertainties being proactive is a must. Therefore, I tend to focus on being research driven and orienting myself with new ideas and concepts as fast as I can. My approach to product management requires me to think differently. I’m always trying to find new methods, strategies, techniques within different fields such as military science, finance, psychology, and economics. Then, I ask myself how can I make those concepts work within the world of product management.

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