Pip Pip Yalah Case-Study Part 2: What’s Behind the Tech.

This is the 2nd part of this case study, you can find the first part here. where we talked about how we came to the problem and defined it. in this part, we are diving deeper into Design Thinking and Ideation.   As you know from the previous part of this case study we have […]

Pip Pip Yalah Case-Study Part 1: The Booking Process

Problems could have multiple layers to them which adds more to the complexity, In this case study I am going to demonstrate, discovery phase and problem prioritization. I am going to walk you through my process of finding problems, building a hypothesis, and creating a road map.   Case-Study: Pip Pip Yalah booking process.   […]

The Era of Experience-Driven Culture

This article is the last part of this series, talking about Decision making, data, and Strategy, you can find the first and second parts here.   In the previous part, I have talked about the risks of data-driven culture, we have discussed the biggest challenges such as the “Dirty” data, Vanity metrics, and why all […]

The Coming Digital Revolution

This article is a three-part series, where I am going to be talking about Decision making, data, and Strategy.   The world of business is adapting to technology faster than ever and that is due to COVID- 19, According to a new McKinsey & Company Global Survey “Companies have accelerated the digitalization of their customer, […]

Persona’s are the true Reflection of your Product Population.

Recently, I had this decision with a friend of mine who believes that persona’s are not valid anymore and they’re old fashion marketing method. in her opinion, we need to replace persona’s with jobs to be done. Therefore, I have decided to write this article to explain why personas are still important and, to discuss […]