My Name is Mohammad Khalaf

Currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. A Product Manager with an experience driven approach and an interest in Finance and DeFi. In an Age of Uncertainties being proactive is a must. Therefore, I tend to focus on being research driven and orienting myself with new ideas and concepts as fast as I can. My approach to product management requires me to think differently. I’m always trying to find new methods, strategies, techniques within different fields such as military science, finance, psychology, and economics. Then, I ask myself how can I make those concepts work within the world of product management.

In my opinion product management is not about shipping features and building new apps. Product management is all about building a team that is consistently validating and de-risking assumptions while having an open space for a culture where people are not afraid to question their deeply held beliefs.

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Feel Free to contact me by sending me an email or following me on my socials also, you can download my Resume from here.